Luke Friend
Luke Friend
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Luke Friend - Live in Harrogate - December 2013

Luke Friend in Harrogate - 28/12/13

Luke Friend - X Factor Live 2014 - Sheffield
I’ve never met luke and really want a vm 😔 @lukeyfriend #lukefriend #friendies
I just noticed all them latest luke pics with him wearing a beyonce t-shirt had Vicky cropped out. That’s not nice guys, ask them first if its okay, you can use them, before you crop her, its her right, or simply credit her! Thank you!

Can you plz do an imagine where u and like are walking to a restaurant in a date but then loads of paparazzi same arm you but then luke shields you aw

You ran down the stairs as soon as you heard your front door bell ring. Your mum shouted from the kitchen at you to have a good night and to come back home before curfew. You smiled and rolled your eyes at your mum’s words. You grabbed your bags that was next to the door and checked for your keys.
You then opened the door slowly, and there stood a tall boy,who had long brown dreads with a bandanna supporting his locks, dressed in cowhide black ripped skinny jeans, with a vintage turquoise top and doc martins. This boy was known famously as Luke Friend and he was there to take you out on a date. He held a bunch of flowers in his hand which he handed to you as you opened the door fully. You thanked him and took the flowers back inside to put them in a vase. As you came back out and he held his hand out which you took and then started walking down the streets.
He glanced at you and said “You look beautiful tonight”, in turn you blushed, and replied, “Not bad yourself Luke” and winked at him. You both laughed and joked all the way to the restaurant. As you were nearing the place, a swarm of paparazzi came and mobbed both yourself and Luke, snapping away pictures, and cries of “who’s this girl Luke”, “are you on a date?” “Who’s the lucky lady”.. The flashes were getting too much for you and you tried to cover your face with your hands to avoid the flashes. Luke suddenly shielded you with his body and politely asked the paparazzi to move away, and they’d get an interview later. He pulled you close and led you away from the mob and into the restaurant. Once you both were inside, he asked if you were okay and checking that you weren’t hurt. You smiled and tip toed up to luke and planted a kiss on his cheeks, and said that you were okay, and it was just the flashes hurting your eyes nothing else. He smiled at you, his dimples showing, and led you to a table for your date to begin.

Whoo, its been too long since i did imagines, but i hope you like it anon!! and of course whoever else!! :) 

Let me know what you think of it! xx

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A reason why I will always love @lukeyfriend is that I know he’ll never give up on anything even his #friendies ❤️ #lukefriend #edit
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Luke is beyonce