Luke Friend
Luke Friend

Luke’s parasailing later! Wow :D


"@LukeFriendMusic: About to parasail wooooo!!!! #adrenalinjunkie”

Honestly can’t cope with him this week

Doing too much to me, 😩😍


Friendly reminder to a) stop cutting fans out of their own photos and b) stop posting people’s photos without permission.

Thank you :) x

Hi guys! :) 

I’m moving to uni soon, hopefully I’ll be less busy and able to start posting again. Literally miss this boy loads. @lukeyfriend #friendies #lukefriend


So, thought I’d bring in a new weekly twitter thing, now its hard to keep up with everything on his twitter in one week, especially if you’re busy!

So here’s Luke’s tweets this week, summarized:

Luke started off the week on twitter with Dan’s birthday message and a favor for a friend! He’s been…


Luke Friend iLive iGive

What are you studying in leeds?? I'm going there too

I’m studying economics for business! Wbu?

OMG really? Id love to meet you!🙊 x